One way streets

"I'm learning to voice my needs", she said. "To speak out my feelings and my desires, to put into words what I need from those around me. I have started pointing to the places that hurt and the areas that are neglected, and I have even presented what needs to be done to rectify it."
She shuddered from the discomfort of the topic, the novelty in all of it, but continued.
"I know not everyone will be able to give me what I need, not everyone has the capacity. For a long time this knowledge is what has kept me from even uttering it, for I have seen it as pointless, and have tried to go without instead. However I am learning to speak up, which is why I'm telling you this. I'm letting you know that although I understand why you won't be ble to be there for me in the ways that I need, I still need you to be. But I won't be able to lean on you, I know why and I accept it. And I will refrain from doing so."
He nodded, before replying.
"Can I still lean on you?"
Her reply was instinctive.
"Of course."
Only much later did she stop to question this, but let it be. If she was gonna start drawing such lines in the sand, she'd reshape the desert.


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