Déjà vu

“It feels like I know where we’re going.”

The scenery outside the car window was new to me, still somehow it felt like John was taking me somewhere familiar. He frowned, eyes on the darkening road ahead.

“You said you’d never been here before.”

“I haven’t!” I replied, assuring him the trip was going as planned. “I just got this feeling.”

John glanced at me and I managed a smile. When his frown subsided I looked back at the forest we were driving through, trying to see if there were any specific landmarks that I did recognize, but evening had set and I could no longer make out any details. Suddenly I couldn’t stop a shiver. John noticed and reached into the backseat.

“Put this on.”

I managed to worm my way into his oversized jumper, but when I settled back down the neckline felt like it was choking me. Still, I didn’t want to annoy him by taking it off again. This trip was his attempt to win me back, and I had agreed to give it and us a chance.


When we pulled up at the small house I knew I had never seen it before, and yet it felt like I was retracing my steps as I got out of the car and walked up towards the porch. I put my arms around me, lost somewhere in John’s big sleeves, and looked back. John was just stepping out of the car and I smiled through the discomfort.

“It feels like this has happened before.”

“That’s impossible”, he laughed as he locked the car doors.

Then he looked at me, smile gone.

“Cause if you knew what would happen, you would’ve started running by now.”


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