Nor the driver or the police man answered any of my questions. As I looked at the people we drove past on our way to what no one would tell me about I toyed with the idea of screaming for help, banging on the window to make someone realize I was being held captive. But my hands were cuffed and it would only look as if I was an insane woman in a police car. Also, it was not my style to get hysterical, I prided myself at being level headed in pretty much every situation. Still I could not ignore the growing fear in the pit of my stomach, telling me this was something else entirely. Having spent almost a week in jail, stripped of all possessions but the clothes I wore when they came to pick me up at my home, I had settled into the waiting game, seeing as none of the staff at the station were answering any questions either. The other people in the cells with me, all women, had helped me raise more questions, but also helped raise suspicion as to what was happening. None of us were married. None of us had fathers or brothers. And when men starting showing up to collect us, one after the other, those suspicions were all but confirmed. We were being distributed. And now I was on my way to whoever had claimed me. I wondered how the decision had been made. Women without male governance had belonged to the state up until now, leaving us limited in certain ways, but free in other. I hadn’t minded enough to secure a marriage with someone I could tolerate, figuring the politics would change to more favorable tones soon enough, and so instead I had settled with the idea of being monitored a little extra. I liked my job, and I had gotten to keep it, so other than the principle of not owning my flat, and my money being put in a state governed account rather than the one I had before, the changes were not affecting me that much. Until now.


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