Throw it to the fire Burn it to the ground

"I'm not sure what to do", I said to her.
Then I told her what had happened. I told her of the events that I had witnessed, and the ones I had played a part in. Both those I had been responsible for bringing forward, and those I had stumbled into, unaware. I spoke of patterns and signs I could notice, drew parallells to similar constellations in which I'd seen the end and how it's not pretty. I bore witness to my worry and my fear, both sprung from care, and now overwhelming me. I related what I wanted to do, but also the reasons for why that would never work. I mentioned my regrets, where I'd been misled, but ackowledged that even if I'd caught it sooner, I could not have stopped it. Yet I had to proclaim it all, in an idle attempt for guidance. She listened, and then she spoke:
"Make it worse."


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